Sasanian Empire. Ardashir I (223/4-240). AR Drachm. Ctesiphon


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Sasanian Empire. Ardashir I (223/4-240). AR Drachm. Ctesiphon. (4.11 g). Diademed bust right wearing tight-fitting headdress with korymbos, no earflaps, rev. Fire altar, pellet below. Sunrise 713. Extremely Fin, nice toning. Ex John C. Huntington Collection.

About Professor John C. Huntington:
John c. huntington has dedicated the past 45 years to the study of Buddhist art in all of its forms. His primary interests are the communication values of the various art forms, how the arts set the environment of attainment for the practitioner, and the practice methodologies that involve art as part of rituals and the like. He has taught at the Ohio State University since fall of 1970 and during his time there has helped build a flourishing program in Asian art history.

(Source: https://huntingtonarchive.org/about.php)