ARAB-SASANIAN: Anonymous, ca. 690-715, AE pashiz, RRR


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ARAB-SASANIAN: Anonymous, ca. 690-715, AE pashiz (2.82g/ 19mm), Facing bust, scripting to left and right/ legends in Pahlavi. Extremely rare and very fine.

Additional description (Source: Pars Coins-Auction27, lot 269):
Obverse, facing forward figure, legend “LWAYJ” in Pahlavi (Ravayej-in circulation- in Arabic) to the left and phrase “AWL(T?) in Pahlavi meaning “Brought”,so “AWLT LWAYJ” meaning “brought to circulation”, reverse, phrase in 4 line, top line illegible, second line “ART” (Ardashir Khurrah?) , third line “Saal” meaning “Year” in Persian, forth line “Awyknvt ?”, meaning year “91”(unpublished year), Gyselen Type 89 and 89A.