Abbasid Governors of Tabaristan, Jarir, hemidrachm. PYE 135


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‘Abbasid Caliphate. temp. Al-Rashid, AH 170-193 / AD 786-809. Hemidrachm (Silver, 22 mm, 1.97 g, 7 h), citing the governor of Tabaristan, Jarir (AH 169-172 = AD 786-788), Tabaristan mint, PYE 135 = AH 170 = AD 786/7. Crowned and draped Sasanian-style bust to right; behind head, GDH (‘kingship’ in Pahlawi); before head, ‘AFZUT’ (‘may increase’ in Pahlawi); in outer margin, APD (‘excellent’ in Pahlawi) and ‘Jarir’ in Kufic. Rev. Sasanian fire altar set on three steps, flanked by two attending priests (mabedh) standing facing; to left, date; to right, mint TPURSTAN (‘Tabaristan’ in Pahlawi). Album 64. SICA I, 425. Walker, Arab-Sassanian, -. Rare. Extremely fine.