IRAN on coins

It is believed that Nadir shah king of Iran from 1736 to 1747 was the first ruler who engraved world IRAN on his coins after Muslim conquests.
Ardashir the first (211/2–224) founder of Sasanian empire engraved word IRAN on his coins for the first time in Iran’s history.

After falling Sasanian dynasty by Muslims in 651 AD until the day Nadir shah took the throne we do not see such word on any form of Iranian coinage.
Therefore, Nader can be seen a nationalist king who extended the borders of Iran from Baghdad to India and called himself the Shah of IRAN.

This coin is a sample which features the word IRAN and it is minted on second year of reign of Nadir shah in city of Shiraz and is now available to order in our store.


AFSHARID: Nadir Shah, as king, 1735-1747, AV Ashrafi (3.49g), Shiraz, AH1149, A-2740.2, type A2, reverse in the form of a toughra, containing the abjad equivalent of his coronation year 1148 and the mint, with the date below the toughra, couple minor dings, choice EF, R, ex. Provenance: Richard Accola collection. Steven album auction 15, January 2013. Wilkes & Curtis Mailbid Sale 1, 16 June 2014. DNW auction 190, February 2021.