How to start collecting coins?

The first coin was minted about 2600 years ago, and since then, hundreds of thousands of rulers, kings and emperors minted different coins, hence there are a many different types of coins in numismatics world.

Therefore, probably one of the questions that interest those interested in collecting coins is where and how should I start collecting?! What coins should I collect?!

To answer this question, every coin collecting enthusiast should consider some points before start collecting and act based on these points to collect coins.


Are you considering researching a specific historical field? Do you collect coins simply because you are interested in a historical period or because you are interested in a historical figure, such as a king or a ruler?

For example, you may think that there is little information about Roman silver coins mined in Egypt and you decide to write an article about this, so it might be necessary to start collecting Roman silver coins mined in Egypt for studying proposes.

a big collection of different ancient coins

Or, you have a special interest in Alexander the great and you would like to have the coins of this great ruler in your collection, and such examples.

Therefore, the purpose of collecting coins can be divided into two parts: Studying proposes and simply just a hubby.

Keep in mind that there are no special principles for collecting for fun, and what kind of coins you are interested in collecting and enjoy is a completely personal matter and taste.

The world of coins is very vast, so setting a goal in collecting coins and in general anything collectable is very important. Also, having a goal in how and what to collect minimises your time and cost significantly.


Another point to consider is your budget.

Your financial ability should match your goal. It is not realistic to collect Greek or Achaemenid gold coins with a budget of 100 dollars per month! Obviously!

It doesn’t matter how much your budget is, big or small, it is important to first define your goal and then plan for your budget so that you can get the best result from it and make efficient purchases.

handful of roman coins


Knowledge and information

Your knowledge is one of the things that plays a very key role in collecting, as a collector, it is necessary that you have sufficient knowledge about the type and authenticity of coins as well as accurate information about the current market prices of the coins you are planing to purchase. If you are new and have enough capital in addition to the goal and interest, it is not recommended to start collecting ancient coins, especially expensive ones, without the help of a consultant! Why?! The reason is clear, fake coins!

studying ancient coins

In recent years, a large number of forgeries of various types, both modern and antique, were made all over the world, some of which are difficult to identify even for the most experienced experts. Therefore, if you are new and intend to add old coins to your collection, it is recommended that you get as much information as possible before doing so, be sure to consult with experts and buy coins from reputable sellers or coin dealers.

All coins sold at Pashiz Coins are guaranteed 100% authentic for life, we also authenticate coins free of charge, for more information please get in touch with us.

Collecting requires time, having passion and a lot of patience. Be patient in collecting, don’t be greedy and enjoy every moment of this exciting hobby.